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Millions of Americans struggle with vision deficits. Fortunately, eyeglasses can correct most vision problems, restoring the patient’s vision. Dr. Marvin Weitzman knows how to diagnose vision problems accurately and prescribe eyeglasses that correct these issues. In addition, Sorrento Valley Optometric Center offers a wide range of options to meet the needs of every patient. To make an appointment to discuss eyeglasses, please contact Sorrento Valley Optometric Center in San Diego, California, today.

Eyeglasses Q & A

When are eyeglasses necessary?

Eyeglasses may be necessary if your vision isn’t normal. For example, you may need eyeglasses if you:

  • Have nearsightedness, which means you can see clearly close up but not far away
  • Have farsightedness, which means you can see clearly far away but not close up
  • Have astigmatism, which blurs or distorts your vision at all distances

Dr. Weitzman can help you determine whether you need eyeglasses based on the results of an eye exam.

How do they work?

In a person without vision deficits, light rays enter the eye and focuses on the retina. The retina reacts to the light and sends an image to the person’s brain.

If you have vision deficits, however, light doesn’t focus on the retina properly because of abnormalities in your cornea. Eyeglasses work by changing the way light enters your eye so it can focus on the retina accurately.

What types of eyeglasses are available?

A wide variety of eyeglasses are available to meet the needs of every unique patient. Sorrento Valley Optometric Center offers frames in a variety of styles. In fact, we have nearly 1,000 different frames on display in our facility, and we offer everything from high-end designer glasses to practical, affordable choices.

Our talented staff can help you consider your options and choose the frames that work best for you.

How long does it take to get new glasses?

Sorrento Valley Optometric Center offers an in-house fabrication lab. Because of this lab, we can provide same-day service for patients requesting single-vision eyeglasses. One-hour service is available upon request.

Why should I get prescription eyeglasses?

Over-the-counter eyeglasses are available from many different retailers. However, these glasses aren’t the same as prescription eyeglasses. The lenses in prescription eyeglasses are created just for you based on the specific deficits in your vision. They provide better results than any over-the-counter glasses can.

What other options are available?

If you have vision deficits but you don’t want to wear eyeglasses, you can opt for contacts instead. You also may be able to correct your vision permanently with the LASIK procedure. Talk to Dr. Weitzman to learn more about these options.

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