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When someone works in an environment that’s dangerous for their eyes, safety glasses usually are required. Prescription safety glasses provide the protection patients need while also correcting their vision. Dr. Marvin Weitzman of Sorrento Valley Optometric Center is proud to offer prescription safety glasses to patients in need of eye protection. To learn more, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Weitzman at our facility in San Diego, California.

Safety Glasses Q & A

What are prescription safety glasses?

Safety glasses are glasses designed to protect your eyes from harm when you’re working in dangerous conditions that put the health of your eyes at risk. For example, if you work in construction, these glasses protect your eyes from sharp objects, sawdust, debris, and other hazards on the job. However, if you normally wear prescription glasses, trading them for safety glasses impairs your vision.

Prescription safety glasses provide protection for your eyes while also keeping your vision accurate. Like your normal eyeglasses, safety glasses are customized to correct your specific vision deficits.

Prescription safety glasses are essential for people who work in dangerous jobs, but anyone can benefit from these glasses. For example, if you work on projects at home that may put your eyes at risk, having a pair of prescription safety glasses on hand is highly recommended.

How much do prescription safety glasses cost?

The cost of prescription safety glasses varies considerably based on many different factors. If you’re interested in purchasing this product, our staff is happy to help you consider your options and compare prices.

Are prescription safety glasses as effective as standard ones?

Prescription safety glasses provide the same level of protection as standard safety glasses. Adding a prescription to the lens doesn’t affect the glasses’ ability to keep your eyes safe.

Does insurance cover prescription safety glasses?

Your insurance policy may or may not cover prescription safety glasses. Read your policy or call your insurer to find out whether this type of coverage is available. Even if prescription safety glasses aren’t covered by your insurance, Sorrento Valley Optometric Center offers a range of affordable options.

What other options are available?

If you don’t want to purchase prescription safety glasses, you could opt for contacts or LASIK surgery to correct your vision so you can wear standard safety glasses. However, you should never forego safety glasses completely, so it’s important to find a solution that protects your eyes and allows you to see clearly. Your regular eyeglasses won’t provide the level of protection your eyes need when you’re working in a hazardous environment.

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